Corpus Christi PRO Services® Center

421 Junior Beck Drive Building B
Corpus Christi, TX 78405
(All services available 24 Hours / Day, 7 Days / Week)

Product Repair
  • Repairs
    • PRO Services repairs ALL brands of pumps and rotating equipment: pumps, fluid drivers, steam turbines, casting services, blowers, vacuum pumps, gear drives, fans, rotating equipment of all description. No need to source different product specialists depending on the equipment needing repair.
    • One call, one face, one invoice.
  • Field Service
    • PRO Services comes to your location, providing complete on-the-road repair services. Expert technicians, factory trained and certified with the tools and instrumentation to do the job right, the first time.
  • Services Provided
    • Equipment Repair / Overhaul; Component repair; Exchange Programs; Casing Repairs; Machining; Balancing; Re-rating; Rebowling; Welding, Field Service; Casting components / CAD Drawings; Field Engineering.
  • Reliability Improvement
    • Inventory Management
    • Replacement / Exchange
    • Turn-Key Repair Installation
    • Training
  • Optimization of Assets
    • Predictive Analysis / Condition Monitoring
    • Root Cause Failure Analysis
    • Pump and System Assessment
    • Engineered Upgrades
    • Maintenance Management / Contract Maintenance
Quality • ISO and Safety Certified • Fast Turnaround • Experienced Service Personnel • Technical Expertise • Emergency Service 24 hours day / 7 days a week
Corpus Christi PRO Services®
Inspection Comprehensive, electronically-maintained workscopes upon full dimensional, visual, and NDE inspection. Database of specific customer requirements.
Lifting Two (10) ton cranes. Two (2) ton Job Cranes
Machining Capable of all major machining functions. Lathe capacity up to ten (10) feet with a thirty-four (34) inch swing.
Cleaning Sandblasting and solvent cleaning.
Dynamic Balancing Five thousand (5000) pound, sixty (60) inch. Component balance 2 lbs. to 200 lbs.
Mechanical seal testing of assembled units.
Non-Destructive Testing Dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and x-ray available.
Painting All types, as well as specialized coatings.
Performance Testing Available through Goulds manufacturing facilities.
Field Service Installation, laser alignment and start up assistance available, as well as turnkey services.
Warranty One year warranty against defects in material and workmanship on all rotating equipment repairs.
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