Power Generation

ITT PRO Services has been supplying for many years the Power Generation industry with power3.jpgaftermarket products and services such as OEM parts, engineered parts, repairs, upgrades, field service, controls and monitoring, and long term service agreements.
Market segments include Fossil-fuels (coal and gas), Nuclear, and Renewable (geothermal, biomass, hydro and solar). 

Fossil-fuel plants offer significant aftermarket opportunities in parts replacement, service repair and monitoring/control especially in the areas of abrasive power2.jpgenvironment handling coal, transferring of corrosive materials, scrubbing exhaust gases and assisting in every phase of water movement from boiler to condenser.  Additional opportunities exist in raw water intake, cooling/circulating water, service water, demineralization, ash handling, pollution control, condensate and turbine/generator applications.

Renewable opportunities exist especially in the areas of biofuel and geothermal with growing applications globally as an alternative to fossil-fuels.

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