ITT launches PumpSmart® PS220 Intelligent Variable Speed Pump Control and Protection System


    ITT launches PumpSmart® PS220 Intelligent Variable Speed Pump Control and Protection System
    The PS220 improves overall reliability and efficiency of pumps
    SENECA FALLS, NY, November 2, 2016 – ITT’s (NYSE: ITT) PRO Services® brand has launched PumpSmart PS220, a next-generation intelligent pump control and protection solution for single and multiple pumps.
    Besides providing variable speed pump control, the PS220 has many industry leading and innovative features, including:
    • Patented pump protection technology that protects against upset conditions such as dry run, minimum flow and cavitation, resulting in improved reliability and safety of the pump systems.
    • Advanced Sensorless algorithms that determine critical performance parameters and provide valuable process insight and diagnostic data. Premier process control functionality comes with robust redundancy to maximize process uptime.
    “The PumpSmart PS220 provides the next level in intelligent pumping and Sensorless technology. Accurately delivering information on key performance metrics such as flow, head, and efficiency in real time without the need of external sensors gives our customers better insight to their pumping systems,” said Adarsh Iyengar, Global Director for Monitoring & Controls.
    “The PS220’s innovative features include six-pump Multipump Control, a Flow Totalizer, Intelligent Sleep, Flow Economy and minimum flow bypass valve control. These features deliver exceptional value to our customers as they better optimize pump control strategies and lower system design and operating costs compared to other variable speed drives that have pump functionality,” he added.

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PumpSmart 220 Brochure

PumpSmart 220 Brochure
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