PS75 (Obsolete)

Pump Control, Protection, and Right-Sizing in One Easy to Use Package

The PumpSmart PS75 is a technologically advanced system that provides integral soft-starting, protection against pump failure due to process upsets, and the ability to Right-Size your pump in one easy to use package. Here are the ways that it can help your pump:

Starting / Stopping Sensorless Vector motor control enables the PumpSmart PS75 to start your pump in a controlled fashion. This limits current in-rush, helping to improve your utility metrics, and it also reduces the stress on your pump and pumping system by building pressure and flow smoothly. This eliminates over pressure and water-hammer effects that are normally associated with across-the-line starting. When stopping, the PumpSmart PS75 similarly prevents water-hammer caused by check-valves slamming shut.

Right-Sizing - Power consumption is a significant portion of your plants operating cost, and oversized pumps and control valves are a major factor in this. Right-Sizing allows you to electronically trim the performance of your pump, without sacrificing its ability to meet future demands. Remember: A 20% reduction in speed can result in a 50% reduction in power consumption.

Pump Protection - With the most advanced pump protection logic in the industry, the PumpSmart PS75 is continuously on guard against process upsets that can lead to premature pump failure. The patent pending PumpSmart Torque-Based Pump Protection (TPP) can protect against dry-running, operation below minimum flow and run-out conditions without the need for external sensors.

Process Control - Your pump is constantly reacting to process changes. With the PumpSmart PS75 in process control mode, you can maximize your energy savings and pumping effectiveness by regulating pump speed to meet current demand.
The PumpSmart PS75 qualifies for the PumpSmart 3-Year Reliability Challenge

Ask your local PumpSmart sales engineer about our guarantee against pump failure due to process upsets.

PumpSmart PS220 Brochure

PumpSmart PS220 Brochure
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