Leveraging close to 170  years in process machinery design, manufacture, and operation, ITT PRO Services® has one goal - improving the profitability of your plant. Our products and services target your biggest issues of process uptime, maintenance, and energy costs.

Our monitoring portfolio helps you to make the crucial decisions about your equipment before there is a problem.

  • i-ALERT® a quick and accurate wireless sensor that is cost efficient and identifies and diagnoses mechanical and electrical failures in pumps, motors, and other industrial machines before they occur.
  • PumpSmart® pump control systems provide real-time control and protection of your pumps while also providing valuable process insight. By protecting against unplanned pump failure due to process upsets, we can keep your process running longer and eliminate unplanned repair activities. By Right-Sizing your pumps to your system, we can reduce not only your energy consumption, but the wear and tear on your process system.


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