Typical Double Suction Pump Repair Procedure

  1. The pump is completely disassembled and inspected. Particular attention is focused on unusual wear due to:
    • Improper clearances
    • Corrosion/erosion
    • Flow problems
    • Cavitation
    • Contaminants
  2. Digital photography can be used to capture specific damage for customer inspection.
  3. Component parts are thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Precise measurements are taken on all wear components and noted on the inspection form. Non-destructive testing is performed on all parts.
  5. Parts are replaced with same or upgraded materials per customer input.
  6. Rotating elements are dynamically balanced to our customer’s specifications.
  7. The pump is carefully reassembled and hydrostatically tested.
  8. Complete unit is painted, tagged and prepared for shipment per customer requirements.
  9. Documentation is completed for disassembly, parts replacement, modifications, reassembly and compiled in a REPAIR REPORT.
  10. Complete maintenance records are maintained in our totally integrated PRO-APP System for future reference and tracking of Mean Time Between Failure.

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