Hydraulic Re-rate Modifications

Redesign the pump hydraulics to match process requirements

Is your pump performing close to Best Efficiency Point (BEP)? Is it consuming more energy than normal? Then a hydraulic re-rate modification could be the solution you are looking for your pump.

Some of the benefits of a hydraulic Re-rate modification:
  • Pump runs closer to BEP resulting in smooth running pump with less vibration and longer bearing and seal life (MTBR)
  • Less energy wasted and lower electrical costs
  • Can be performed to existing pump without requiring modifications to piping or baseplate
  • Use Goulds proven hydraulics
  • Fit in any API pumps
  • For an API pump, we can upgrade it to the latest edition of API 610

Contact your nearest ITT PRO Services facility and find out which upgrade solution will work best for your plant. 

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