Power End Program

With factory-assembled sub components, you eliminate the need to stock individual parts, reducing Mean Time Before Repair and maximizing reliability.
Power End Program for Goulds Pumps modelsIC_i-FRAME_power_end.png
  • Goulds 3196 i-FRAME® and ANSI pumps Power End Upgrade
    • With the 3196 i-FRAME Power End program, you can stop rebuilding your old power ends and upgrade to the power end that comes with the i-ALERT Equipment Health Monitor. The 3196 power end can be used on all the Goulds ANSI pumps.  Click here for more information on the program
  • Goulds 3175
  • Goulds 3180
  • IC i-FRAME®
Power end program for other OEM brands
  • PRX-OH2 power end
    • The PRX-OH2 is a back pull-out assembly which provides a complete replacement to your existing equipment while keeping the existing impeller and casing. The replacement scope consists normally of bearing housing assembly, shaft, seal chamber cover with wear ring, throat bushing, keys and impeller nut. It is available in 4 API seal chamber sizes (#2/4/6/8) and 3 materials classes (S-6/C-6/A-8). Click here for more information

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