Reliability Engineering

 ITT pumping system experts can review and analyze dynamic data from Asset Tracking, PRO repair and managed power end programs.  This can be performed remotely by one of our regional specialists, who has access to the entire ITT technical staff, or by a dedicated resource. This resource is available on-site on a full/part time basis to not only perform these activities but take an active role in leading or managing recommended actions. 

Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) can be determined and tracked. Bad Actors and high cost items can be identified and like failures can be identified to eliminate overarching failure causes, i.e., lubrication, excessive water, alignment, etc. 

The larger the number of assets that are loaded into the system and a more complete data set results in more robust analysis.

Poor equipment reliability has many undesirable effects including:
  • Increased maintenance and repair costs
  • Decreased capacity
  • Product quality defects
  • Potential safety violations and regulatory compliance implications 
Pump maintenance costs are affected by myriad inter-related factors and require multidisciplinary expertise and a holistic approach to optimize. 

All aspects of the pumping system must be considered to ensure optimization efforts are successful including:
  • Mechanical Design
  • System Hydraulics
  • Installation Quality
  • Operating and Maintenance Procedures

In a majority of cases, poor pump reliability is caused by a failure to adequately consider each of the above aspects and the potential impact on the life cycle cost of the equipment during the initial procurement phase.

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