Training & Development

Improving Reliability Competencies

An offering of courses that develop reliability competencies in operation, maintenance, optimization and design of pump systems. This program offers open enrollment courses including: Fundamentals of Pump Operation, Pump System Maintenance for Reliability, Fundamentals of Pump System Troubleshooting, Driver to Pump Alignment, Lubrication for Reliability, Introduction/Basic Vibration Analysis, Critical Elements of Asset Management and Linking Lean with Reliability. Additional training is offered through private courses at customer sites with a hands-on interactive pumping system.

Our instructor-led courses are mobile and designed to meet business needs:

  • Open regularly scheduled offerings in various locations for participants of various industries to interact and learn together
  • Private sessions tailored to your requirements, available on-site or at a location and time convenient to your organization
  • Customized courses developed to addressed specific training needs

Expert instructors utilize state-of-the art training tools and methods to provide world-class instruction. Participants receive extensive hands-on opportunities using our portable Pump System Simulator and Free-Standing Pumps.

Designed for the training environment, the Pump System Simulator contains pumps configured in various modes of operation to give participants multiple options for practice. The double pump system uses transparent piping allowing participants to actually see the various flow patterns they configure, and in some locations, acrylic casings and stuffing box covers, allowing participants to view flow and cavitation inside the pumps.  Our free standing pumps of various configurations, mounted on rolling workbenches allow for hands-on assembly and disassembly. Participants get to actually perform the procedures being taught.