TCO Improvement Programs


Level 1:

Maintain like New

Level 2:

Analysis for Improvement

Level 3:

Implementation Solutions

Keep Your Equipment in Like-New Condition Information that Empowers Customers to Improve Equipment Reliability & Reduce Cost
Deliver Plant & Equipment Optimization
Parts & Inventory Quality OEM Parts
OEM Parts for Goulds Pumps, AC, Morris, Goyne, CB, HVC, UXN, ROV
Inventory Management
Parts evaluation and storeroom optimization
Engineered Parts
Orphaned and obsolete equipment
  Orphaned and obsolete equipment
Pump Replacements
Power-end replacement/ exchange programs
Asset Data
Information on equipment throughout lifecycle
Operation Performance Reliability Engineering
  MTBF, Bad Actors/ high cost failures, parent/failure mode reports, investigation & recommendation Action plan development and project management
Operator Training, Maintenance Training
Management Training; Asset Management; Six Sigma; Engineer Training All training skills to improve capabilities
Energy Performance Services
  Efficiency & Hydraulic System Assessments
Control Solutions
Variable speed controls (PumpSmart) for pump protection & control
Monitoring Solutions
Condition Monitoring Instrumentation (ProSmart, iAlert)
Condition Monitoring Service (ProAnalysis)  
Field Services
Installation & Commissioning. Variable labor source for push/pull equipment;
Repairs & Upgrades Root Cause Analysis
  Equipment health analysis. Identify source of poor reliability and recommend corrective action plans.
Pump Upgrades
    Pump modifications to meet current standards & process management
Rotating Equipment Repairs
Repair to OEM standard