Repair and Upgrades

We repair and recondition all brands of pumps and rotating equipment, restoring them to original specifications. Worldwide service centers are located near major Power Generation facilities and have capabilities to repair and upgrade all types of high energy pumps including vertically suspended turbines, wet pit column pumps, high temperature multistage, abrasive slurry handling pumps, vertical sump and horizontal pumps.

Our highly experienced team in our worldwide network of service centers provides:
  • Quality service alternatives (repair, rebuild, or re-engineer)
  • Repair to OEM standards
  • Engineered Upgrades: We turn old, obsolete, outdated or inefficient pumps into like new condition, rebuilt to current specifications.
  • Engineered drop-in replacements
  • Hydraulic re-rates to operate pumps at the customer’s required setting
  • Upgrade pumps to the meet current performance requirements
  • Equipment inspection and recommendation to return to like-new condition or improvement using the latest state-of-the-art techniques and instrumentation
  • Scheduled maintenance and plant shutdowns (parts, manpower and complete turnkey support)
  • Our Emergency Service in shop or field service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Upgrade Programs
Upgrade Old Pumps to latest API Edition Specifications
  • We turn old, obsolete, outdated or inefficient pump into like new condition, rebuilt to current specifications
  • Meet emissions requirements
  • Lower insurance costs
Hydraulic Re-Rates and Drop-in Replacements
  • Hydraulic modifications improves performance and extends life cycle of pumps
  • Avoid having to modify piping and foundations
  • Minimize costs of improvement and lowering ongoing maintenance costs
Material Upgrades
Wetted Parts
  • Finite Element Analysis performed, when required, to determine requirements for casing wall thickness and pressure containment capability of all new materials.
Repair and Upgrades Case Studies:
  • A Golden Opportunity for PROServices – Geothermal
  • Pump Maintenance Procedures
  • Symptoms and Causes of Pump Failure

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