Rebowling Service

New Life for Old Vertical Pumps

PRO Services® Repairs & Upgrades can easily restore your vertical turbine pump's original performance (and in many instances, improve it) by rebowling. Complete new liquid ends match all makes of vertical turbine pumps from 6" to 120" ... regardless of manufacture. Once the mechanical and hydraulic requirements are determined, a complete replacement bowl assembly can be shipped for on-site adaptation and installation or, if preferred, easily accomplished at the nearest PRO Services Repairs & Upgrades Center.

Our PRO Services Repairs & Upgrades Centers are fully equipped to do whatever it takes to rebowl your pump in minimal time. They can also perform any work on the pump as required.
Let PRO Services show you how easily and fast your old pump can enjoy new life.

Benefits of Rebowling
  • Hydraulic Upgrading
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Material Upgrade
    • Corrosion, CD4 or 316SS
    • Abrasion, hard coatings
    • Cavitation, 316SS
  • In Stock - Current Models
  • New Pump Warranty
  • Mechanical Revisions
    • Increased shaft size
    • Reduced bearing spans
When to Rebowl
  • Bowls or impellers damaged beyond repair
  • Pump cavitates and vibrates
  • Casting corroded beyond repair
  • Casting requires material upgrade
  • Pump no longer meets hydraulic requirements as system has been changed
  • Excessive maintenance

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