Asset Information

ITT’s base Asset Management service provides customers access to a database of important asset information.  Each asset is identified by unique serial number and bar code and is accessed via smart phone or tablet.  Asset Information is updated by ITT throughout the lifecycle (i.e. repair, upgrade, maintenance contract, etc.). 

Asset Information can include:
  • Specifications
  • Materials List
  • Purchase Information
  • Warranty Information
  • Installation/Operations/Maintenance Instructions
  • Pump Curve
  • Client Provided Data, i.e., Location, Service, Special Instructions
Three ways ‘Asset Information’ is loaded into the system:
  1. An “Installed Base Evaluation” is performed.  This is a process where ITT sends a small team on-site to collect asset data and affix barcodes to all installed assets. 
  2. PRO repair customers’ assets are automatically loaded into the system each time a repair is performed.  In addition to the ‘Asset Information’ listed above, important reliability information is also loaded into the system: failure modes, as found/ as shipped, observations, photos, repair details, testing results etc.  This information is used later for reliability engineering analysis aimed at eliminating future failures.  Each repaired assets also has an as-new warranty when repairs are completed.  A detailed repair report is prepared and shipped with each repair. 
  3. Power end programs that are managed by a PRO repair shop are automatically entered into the system.  Power ends arrive at the customer site barcoded and, with customer input, equipment change-outs can be tracked to the specific plant location.

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